Welcome to the Farce Trek Quadrant!

By Larry & Laurel

    While I was in chemistry class in college, I was in a huge auditorium where I sat way, way, way above the tiny professor down below.  He could not see that I was bored.  It appeared that I was dilligently taking down his every word; but, I was sketching Farce Trek stories.

    I made a series of comic books that spoofed the original series that aired in the late 60's. Captain Kirk became Captain Cork, a cocky cork; Mr. Spock became Mr. Chalk, a half-dustless piece of chalk Dr. McCoy became Bones, a humorous bone of course; Scotty became a famous roll of paper towels; Sulu became Suey, a can of chop suey; Chekov became Checker, a checkerboard; Uhura became U-hurrah, a sexy cheerleader's pom-pom; Christine Chapel became, you guessed it, a Christian Chapel.  Other characters were introduced in the same twisted manner.

Cork Chalk Bones Scotty Suey Checker U-hurrah Chapel

    My sister and I  (sorry guys, she's the married one; hey girls, good news for you, I'm the single one) decided to make some of the comic book stories into an animated movie.  We used two stories that introduced the characters and tied them together with five episodes to make a 75 minute VHS movie. It took almost two years, full-time, to make the parody using pixellation, claymation, and computer graphics.  It is available on this website in limited quantities.

    We then used advanced 3D computer graphics to make one of our favorite episodes from the VHS movie into a 20 minute DVD!    It took longer than two years, part-time, to make the DVD (slow burner).