40th Trek Anniversary
August 16-20,2006
Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Nevada The Hilton Hilton Sign The Hilton convention site.
Hilton Sign 2 The Hilton convention site was within walking distance of our hotel The Sahara. Strasosphere The Stratosphere. A marker for us to use.
Poster 2 Posters at the convention center. Poster 3 Hey! Down in front!
Auditorium Left Auditorium Right
The auditorium where the stars appeared.
Bridge A life-sized bridge where fans could get their pictures taken. Poster 1 More convention scenery.
Culp 2 Robert Culp is a real down-to-earth, fan friendly star with a good sense of humor. Robert Culp
Farscape & Jaws Farscape actress Virginia Hey and Richard "Jaws" Kiel Jaws 2 Jaws was great with the fans and had his other movie posters on display also.
Jaws 1 Jaws 3
Bob May Bob May from Lost in Space
Bob May and Robot
Bob May brought the Robot to life.
The Robot
Danger! Danger! Will Robinson; where are you?!
Farce Trek Table 1 Howdy from Las Vegas! Farce Trek Table 2 Larry showing our stuff at our Farce Trek table.
Farce Trek Table 3 Larry at our Farce Trek table. Farce Trek Table 4
Laurel at our Farce Trek table.
Farce Trek Table 5 Larry at our Farce Trek table. Farce Trek Table 6
Laurel in indian costume from Paradise Syndrome on Friday.
Walter Walter Koenig at Grease Trek table. Borg
Borg has baby!!!
Costume 1 Laurel in Mirror, Mirror outfit on Saturday.
Wow!! Mirror, Mirror! (which one is good and which one is bad?)

Making new friends.

Aliens among us.

Captain Kirk from the same altered universe.


More of the crew.
Laurel, Sue, Larry,  and Jason at the end of the convention.
Sue is Jason's wife.  Jason and his brother Scott are the master talents behind the slick, live-action, parody "Grease Trek".
Farce Trek Table 7 "Falling" into work on Sunday.